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Nothing should compromise performance. That’s the thinking behind SUSTAIN Racing.

Advanced fuel technologies that match sustainability with power.

Tested at the highest levels of motorsport, SUSTAIN is about total performance in an increasingly environmentally-aware industry. As a collaborative bespoke solution or off-the-shelf, SUSTAIN means zero compromise for the planet or on the track.

Offering the potential for significant C02 emissions savings, when compared to traditional fossil fuels, SUSTAIN Racing products are set to make a considerable impact on the industry’s net zero initiatives and are already proving popular with some of the major racing players.

Proving Performance at the FIA World Rally Raid Championships

Our second place in Dakar 2022 showed how there need be no drop in performance with SUSTAIN Racing and we’re going for gold in 2023. If four cars can save 85 tonnes of carbon by using our fuels – imagine what a whole series run on them could do?


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