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Working with industry and policy makers to understand the challenges they face and design solutions to meet them.

Our scientists possess decades of world-class fuels expertise. They identify customers’ needs, then work collaboratively to apply their technical knowhow to design specialist fuel solutions.

As well as defining fuel specifications and creating bespoke fuels to support development programmes, we partner with industry research bodies to create ‘future’ fuels to aid research into industry-wide issues.


Fuels designed with purpose

The blended fuels we produce are to bespoke recipes that meet precise specifications and performance requirements. These can include certain physical properties, such as tailored lubricity to support mechanical testing or specific chemical attributes for research into combustion properties or lubricant development.

Innovation with real-world applications

Our customers rely on us to create solutions that reflect the diversity of fuels in the marketplace – including ‘worst-case’ fuels. They can ensure their products are robust around the world by using fuels that deliver reproducible and repeatable results across multiple batches and test programmes.


Conventional, sustainable and future fuels

The range of fuels we create is as diverse as the businesses we partner with, and the application of our solutions.

Reference and Certification fuels

CEC Euro Emissions fuels (Euro LD 2 -7) (Stage off-highway 2-6), US EEE (Tier 2, Tier 3), US CARB PH II and III, Japanese Trias, China reference gasoline and Diesel, Korea cert gasolines, RSG (Risk Safe Guarding), Gasolines, E10-E100, M10-M100), Indian BIS, Brazil ANP standards

Marine and Aviation

ISO 8217 DMA, Low sulphur marine distillate, Jet A1 – ICAO Emissions certification, Russian TS-1 (RT1), NATO, F34, F44, F40, F76, F56, Synthetic Aviation Fuels, Tailored Thermal Stability fuels

Research & world market fuels

Dust-containing fuels, Aged biodiesels, Tailored Particular Number (PN) Fuels (GPF testing), Advanced Naphtha fuels, Manganese-containing fuels, Iranian worst case fuels, RDE Tailored fuels

Lubricant and additive testing fuels

IVD (Inlet Valve Deposit), LSPI (Low speed Pre-ignition), Injector Fouling, Sludge Fuels, HD Lubricants approval diesel

Sustainable fuels

HVO, Bio-Naphhas, Fatty Acids, RME, SME, UCOME, FOME, TME, LME, 2nd Generation Ethanol, EN15940, EN16709, High GHG Saving fuels First Fill


FIA Appendix J

Our approach

How we deliver fuel excellence


We listen

We understand your unique requirements. From the first discussion through to development and final delivery, we take an honest, open and transparent partnership approach with you.


We create

From Bio technologists and oil industry experts to application scientists and engineers, we have all the specialist knowledge under one roof to create pioneering and sustainable fuel solutions.


We deliver

We provide bespoke blended fuels with the highest quality levels in the industry, but we don’t stop there. We constantly test and evolve to make the best even better.