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Unlocking the full potential of the internal combustion engine within a durable, low-carbon, low-emission powertrain

The demand for electric vehicles is being driven by stricter CO2 legislation and concerns around air quality. But it’s these same factors that are guiding research into the next generation of internal combustion engines and fuels across all market segments.

This is where Coryton excels. It is at the cutting-edge of research into advanced engines, exhaust after treatment and fuels – all of which are still making remarkable steps forward.

Our understanding

As industry specialists we understand your challenges, share your passion and deliver your exact requirements.

Experience tells us…

In many vehicle sectors, a low-carbon liquid fuel combined with an efficient powertrain is a compelling solution. We know that this same type of fuel, when used with a plug-in hybrid vehicle, can deliver class-leading CO2 savings and produce zero harmful emissions in critical areas.

Experience tells us…

Advanced biofuels, manufactured from waste and non-food crops, offer a solution to lowering the fossil carbon content in fuels. We’re also at the forefront of research into synthetic and “e-fuels” – created from CO2, water and electricity. All of which can offer near net-zero CO2 transport.

Experience tells us…

Sustainably produced ammonia has long been talked about for use in combustion engines.

Experience tells us…

By supplying academia, consultancies, Tier-1 suppliers and automotive manufacturers with the personalised fuels, analysis and expertise they need, we help support the development of durable, efficient and clean powertrain technologies.

What we do

Tailored solutions, not just tailored products

At Coryton we’re driving new developments in the fuels industry. We work together with forward-thinking partners to develop and market advanced low carbon fuel solutions.

As experts in fuel blending and analysis, we can support you throughout your entire programme. Once we understand your requirements, we design and develop bespoke fuels to your defined tolerances before analysing at our on-site accredited laboratory, before blending and dispatching to you.

How we do it

Industry experts with unrivalled expertise

We employ specialists across our entire business. From fuel development technicians to application scientists and engineers, we’re perfectly placed to advise our partners at every stage, working together to create a more sustainable future.

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