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7 July 2021

Coryton Supports Successful E10 Motorcycle Trial

The Success

On the 30th October, 2020, a revolutionary new technology, aimed at supporting the UK’s sustainable chemistry transition, was successfully demonstrated with a live motorbike trial. It was the first time that Nova Pangaea, pioneer of REFNOVA, successfully exhibited the viability of their patented technology. Ably supported by Coryton, the supporting fuel technology partner, and witnessed by the Department for Transport, a Honda CBR650R Fireblade ran without fault on a E10 gasoline, produced by Coryton utilizing Nova Pangaea’s second-generation ethanol.

In so doing, the live showing demonstrated the REFONVA’s viability in support of the UK Government’s long-term net-zero emissions goal. More importantly, with the pending transition to 10% ethanol in all consumer gasoline, Coryton could confirm the suitability of this material in support of this switch.


The Technology

This success was carried out at Nova Pangaea’s headquarters in Redcar, home of the patented REFNOVA technology. Utilizing agricultural residues, the new technology sustainably converts this waste material into base products for biofuels, biopolymers and biochemicals:

During this demonstration, the bio-ethanol utilized in Coryton’s E10 gasoline formulation was derived from the C5 Sugar stage, post wash. The sugar source was subsequently fermented to yield the bioethanol in question.

Upon review of the raw material, and subsequent approval of its quality, Coryton produced the following quality fuel for the vehicle demonstration:

RONEN ISO 516495.0-95.1
MONEN ISO 516385.0-85.3
Density @ 15°CEN ISO 12185kg/L0.72000.77500.7498
DVPE @ 37.8°CEN 13016-1kPa45.0100.056.1
SulfurEN ISO 20846mg/kg-10.03.5
WaterEN ISO 12937% v/vReport0.077
- ParaffinsASTM D6730 mod% v/vReport11.7
- IsoparaffinsASTM D6730 mod% v/vReport35.8
- OlefinsASTM D6730 mod% v/v-18.07.7
- NaphthenesASTM D6730 mod% v/vReport4.6
- AromaticsASTM D6730 mod% v/v-35.029.8
- UnknownsASTM D6730 mod% v/vReport0.8
BenzeneASTM D6730 mod% v/v-1.000.18
- MethanolASTM D6730 mod% v/v-3.0<0.1
- EthanolASTM D6730 mod% v/v-10.09.5
- MTBEASTM D6730 mod% v/v-22.0<0.1
- ETBEASTM D6730 mod% v/v-22.0<0.1
- OtherASTM D6730 mod% v/v-15.0<0.1
Oxygenates - TotalASTM D6730 mod% v/vReport9.5
Oxidation StabilityEN ISO 7536min360->360
Copper Corrosion (3h at 50ºC)EN ISO 2160RatingClass 1-1A
Existent Gum - WashedEN ISO 6246mg/100mL-5<1
LeadEN 237mg/L-5.0<2.5
PhosphorousASTM D3231mg/L-1.3<0.20
CarbonASTM D6730 mod% m/mReport83.29
HydrogenASTM D6730 mod% m/mReport13.21
OxygenASTM D6730 mod% m/m-3.703.50
Gross Calorific ValueASTM D3338 modMJ/kgReport44.02
Net Calorific ValueASTM D3338 modMJ/kgReport41.21
The Feedback

“As part of our greenprint for the future of transport we’re committed to slashing emissions across all vehicles on our roads as we look to end our contribution to climate change by 2050. By supporting trials such as this we can take advantage of reduced CO2 emissions and this small switch to cleaner petrol will help drivers reduce the environmental impact of every journey, with us all benefitting from breathing cleaner air.”

UK Transport Minister, Rachel Maclean


“As the world continues to transition away from fossil fuels, the REFNOVA process could make a critical contribution to the target of net-zero emissions. Having reviewed and formulated fuels, using many sustainable components, Coryton can say with confidence that second-generation ethanol of this quality will be a welcome addition to the increasing biofuel slate.”

Coryton Commercial Manager, Luke Goldsmith


“This is a significant milestone for Nova Pangaea, we have now proven that REFNOVA will produce viable products for biofuels which are a critical part of the shift towards net zero. I’m really proud of our team for the hard work, determination and dedication that is going into our rapid development as a company. I’m also extremely grateful for the ongoing support from the Department for Transport whose grant funding was critical in our ability to reach this crucial milestone. This is a significant part of the global energy transition – replacing fossil fuels to work towards net zero. To meet our carbon reduction targets, alternative fuels need to be from non-fossil fuel sources. Bioethanol is a sustainable drop-in that does not require additional infrastructure investment.”

Nova Pangaea CEO, Sarah Ellerby