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Creating sustainable fuels that are an integral part of the solution.

In the race to address climate change, the pressure is on to decarbonise the transport sector, which is responsible for about 25% of Europe’s GHG emissions – 1,100 million tonnes of CO2 – each year.

We’re helping tackle this challenge head-on by developing responsible and sustainable fuels that contribute towards the push for net zero impact.

Always looking at the bigger picture

We carry out full life-cycle analysis (LCA) in accordance with ISCC protocols to consider all the GHG emissions involved in, the processing of these into products, their use and the disposal or recycling of any waste. Without this approach it would be easy to reduce emissions at one stage only to make them worse elsewhere.

Four steps to achieving our goal.

Working in partnership

Alongside our customers and suppliers we’re applying our expertise in fuels chemistry to identify and optimise new technologies for viable sustainable fuels.

Supporting the industry

In collaboration with industry research bodies we’re carrying out programmes to develop and test a range of ‘future’ fuels, to aid research into industry-wide issues.

Delivering precision

Our in-house laboratory is capable of forensic-quality fuel analysis across the range of standard fuel quality tests, providing accurate results beyond the range of ‘normal’ analysis.

Practicing what we preach

We fuel our own fleet with advanced biofuels that offer GHG reductions of 90%. And we’re proof that this is achievable for everyone.

It’s not just talk…

We’ve already created various bioethanol/bio-butanol/bio-ETBE blends of traditional fossil-based-gasoline, as well as very high bio-content gasolines with up to 100% bio-derived components.

Alongside this, we’re working on a range of sustainable fuels, with a focus on bio-derived fuels for gasoline and diesel, kerosene, HVO.